Friday, January 13, 2012

Wow ! Eastern and Western Culture shock. Pt. 1

I am from Japan, and I married an American man. 

 Before I married several people told me that they also married an American man, and they warned me about the culture shock I would soon face.  

 They wished me good luck.
 I became a little apprehensive.

  Now, I know some obvious differences between Americans and Asians. 
 Asian people, especially Japanese have complexes.  

Things that they think other people are thinking about them.
  One big  complex is how  Americans will think about their English pronunciation, and  grammar. 
  Sometimes my husband noticed that his Japanese coworkers didn't really start to feel loose, unwind, and speak freely, until they have an alcoholic drink or two.

   As far as body shape and features, I think (and many Japanese think) that Americans have long legs.  
When I was young, I remember people saying that they tried stretching their legs by having somebody pull on them, just to get taller.  

These days, I think Japanese people for the most part, are interested in changing  their appearance. 

 In Japan,you can see blue, green,and hazel eyes thanks to colored contact lenses.  Hair color is also changing. 
 Even old ladies can be seen with purple hair in Kyushu.

    When I was a teenager, I was a pen pal with an American girl about 13 years old. 
 She sent me a picture of her and I couldn't believe what I saw. 

 She had rings on her fingers, and make-up, and long manicured fingernails. Her name was Laura, and she was from Boston.  Her father was a surgeon.  We were introduced through my Grandmother who was friends with her Grandmother.                                            All I remember is that if I had gone to school in Japan looking like her, there would be big trouble with my teachers, parents and the school principal.
....I did envy her a little for the freedom she had