Tuesday, December 30, 2014

One day I overheard a lady talking to the meat manager at the local supermarket.

She asked him many questions.

"Is the beef organic or not?
Was the beef raised with hormones?
Is it from Australia,Canada or the US?"

After that she asked about a certain package of meat.

The manager told her "it is good for stew"

She said " I do not like cheap cuts of meat. I am a gourmet."

Then she told him  " Actually I am a vegetarian ."

I wondered "Why is she at the meat department?"

She told the manager "I try to find a nice cuts of meat for my dog.
Meat is not good for human."

I believe the manager has pride of his job.

I think she was pompous and rude.

She should feed vegetables her dog,too !

After all . if meat is so bad for her , then maybe it is bad for her dog ,too!


Sunday, December 28, 2014

aggressive homeless

When I came to America I was most surprised to see the slogan that suggests people to donate food to children who are hungry .

America is the richest country in the world !

At the same time I see many diet businesses .

This reality is unbalanced .

I know there are many possible reasons .

I was also surprised to see many aggressive beggars wearing clean clothes and appearing well fed.

I saw 'real homeless people' in Tokyo.

They had not taken showering long time so they smelled bad and their clothes were filthy. But they did not ask for anything.

Recently in America I saw a young couple who held the sign that read "We are homeless . Anything will help us"

But they did not look homeless at all.

They looked very clean !

The other day my husband saw them accidentally.

 They came to the supermarket's parking lot in a nice newer model car !

Some homeless are very aggressive and great actors!!     

Friday, December 26, 2014

many presents will make children happy? wow Craiglist !

My family and I just moved from Japan.My first experience to live in America.

I would like to write about things that surprised me or things I felt were really different culturally.

I was looking at Craiglist one day and I was surprised that many people post lists of what they need    want at Xmas time.
Some one posted" I like to help my friend who lost her job and she has children and I would like to give them a real X mas experience."
What is a real Xmas experience ?
Why do not they go to church?

When I was little I received only one present at X mas.
That made me happy .    
 After we went church on X mas day.

Another person posted
 ''I have a 8 years old daughter .
I have low income but I would like to give my daughter Xmas presents."
She then posted a lists of many things.
 "Thing my daughter likes is: Frozen, Monster High, Lalaloopsy, Princess stuff, Board games, Electronic Games etc..
Thing she need new Winter Coat size 00/00, Winter Boots size 00, Any Pants or Shirts size 00/00, Winter hat/gloves and new TWIN Bed sheet set with comforter etc,,."

I know she does not expect to receive then all.

I am not a Grinch but  understand a child world when it comes to wants and needs .

This is America.

 Even if you can not afford things you still want things.