Friday, February 10, 2012

Mean Black Kids

Especially so, with black kids, who are taught by their parents that they deserve extra respect because their ancestors were slaves, and if anybody says anything about black people in America, those people are racist.

 I picked my children up at school today as usual.

They were late coming to the car.

 I park at a place where I can see the entire playground.

 School ended, and my husband and I were standing, waiting and watching for our children.

My husband saw three black girls and one black boy, about in third grade, (8 years old),  holding a 1/2 white and Japanese girl on the ground, and they said "it is your turn to feel what it is like to be slave".

The school has a playground monitor, and today it was a Japanese woman who probably knows nothing about mean kids.

 The monitor was on the far side of the playground.

She was the only person to supervise about 35 children.
It was not the monitor's fault for not seeing this.

The black kids were standing and blocking her view.
The black kids went to a far place on the playground so they could be mean without any adult seeing.

But they didn't see us.

My husband yelled "what are you doing?"  The black kids said "we're playing".

The 1/2 girl was crying.

 My husband told them that it wasn't playing, and asked "why the 1/2 girl isn't holding any of them on the ground?".

 They said nothing and started to hang their heads in shame.

 They knew they were caught being mean and bullying.

  The playground monitor heard his loud voice and finally came over to see what the problem was.

 The 1/2 girl ran away crying.

My husband told me "that is how kids are mean in America".

It starts this early, and adults should know that kids can be this mean!!!

 Especially black kids.  In America, when a black person can't succeed, they say "discrimination".  More to follow on this topic.