Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Some people do not have manners?

I grew up in the Japanese society.

I was taught that when calling friends on the phone and another person answers always greet them before asking the friend.  

If I am making a business phone call needless to say I used to tell my company's name and my mane as well.

However since I have lived with my husband , sometimes his coworkers would call our house as well as his friends.

Even I had met them before most of them just say "Is OO(my husband ' name) there?"
(without greeting me)

It makes me feel like a telephone operator !

Is this normal or are they rude?

When that happened I would always  say

"May I ask who"s calling?"  

In Japan even elementally children know telephone etiquette.

Although  these days there may be less opportunity to call somebody's house for them because of       texting and e mail.